John Dunlap reviews the book for Self Storage Association's Globe Magazine.Read the review here. 

"This book does something that the popular show "Storage Wars" does not. It manages to tell the stories of the people behind all of the unpaid storage units. If you've ever wondered "Why would someone just let all of there precious treasures (that they've paid or sometimes not paid so much to keep) go to auction?" then this book is for you. It's a quick read but the emotional spectrum runs the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking." -Review by Premier Self Storage

The stories behind the unpaid units

The Heart and Soul of Self Storage

A collection of short stories providing a unique perspective on Americans' obsession with stuff... Told by the owner of a self storage facility chronicling her encounters with peculiar customers and their often bizarre and mysterious stuff...

"Unit A60 is a metal room, with a metal door that is secured with a disc lock. It does not matter what junk or treasure Roberta secured in there. To Dave it is sacred and not to be violated, either in word or deed."Read story

Excerpt from book

Storage Wars reversed

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