Second Attic Storage is harnessing the energy of the sun with a 12.2kW system designed by Eagle Solar and Light. 

The system:
Second Attic’s 12.2 kW photovoltaic system will generate about 17,191 kWh annually, with an yearly production value of about $2,149. The rooftop system contains 36 solar panels on a rail-mount array, with 18 power optimizers (for efficiency and safety) and a 14.4kW inverter (to convert sun power to useable electricity). The system provides real-time monitoring of the power production that can be accessed online, from anywhere.

In addition to providing an economic benefit for our business, the energy production of our system is good for our planet. The system will offset up to 4,663 tons of CO2, the emissions causing climate change. 

Thanks to Eagle Solar & Light for designing and engineering an efficient, custom solar array designed specifically for Second Attic Storage. When our family decided to go solar, Eagle Solar and Light handled every detail with precision and care - from analyzing our daily solar radiation (how much UV rays we can capture), to installing the 36 solar panels on our roof, to answering our multiple questions.